Outbound Calls

Outbound call center services

At outbound call centers, sales reps primarily make calls to reach and attract prospective customers. Companies also use outbound call centers to conduct market research. Agents can call shoppers who match their target customer to learn more about their needs and interests.


While telemarketers are tasked with engaging with potential customers in any way possible (generating brand awareness, leads or scheduling appointments), telesales is focused solely on closing deals over the phone. Sometimes referred to as inside sales, telesales agents pursue promising leads in the hopes of improving conversions and increasing revenue.

Lead generation

Outbound call center agents can help salespeople generate and qualify leads. Cold outreach is used to identify opportunities, and collecting information over the phone can help identify if those leads are qualified to purchase (i.e., is it the right timing, and does the lead have the budget?).


Despite its reputation, telemarketing has shown solid growth over the last five years. When you think about it, telemarketers are like door-to-door salespeople. But instead of going house-to-house, telemarketers pitch their products phone-number-by-phone-number. They’re a valuable resource in that they help spread awareness of and pitch products to potential customers in a wider pool of locations and demographics.

Appointment setting

Just like a sales development rep (SDR) would book meetings for an account executive (AE), outbound agents do the same for your salespeople.

Market research

Market research is conducted by outbound call center agents to develop a better understanding of their customers and their competition. For example, market researchers might conduct phone surveys to determine their target audience’s top pain points, what products they’re currently using as a solution, and what they wish those solutions did better. With the results of market research, engineers can improve their product design, marketers can improve their messaging, and reps can develop more effective sales pitches.